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    • Ralf Petter’s blog about Notes, Eclipse and Expeditor back online

      Karsten Lehmann  December 20 2021 02:06:16 PM
      Yesterday I noticed that Ralf Petter's blog "Everything about IT" is not online anymore. Ralf died years ago from cancer and his blog contains invaluable tips around Notes, Eclipse and Expeditor development.

      In June 2017 when I heard about his death, I downloaded all blog articles and kept them on my local disk.

      Now that the official blog is gone, I uploaded them to our server, added them to the Google index and made them available here:


      Unfortunately I did not create copies of his free tools and they are not on OpenNTF or Github.

      I could find the ZIP archive with the latest DocumentSpy plugin in the Wayback machine and fixed the download link in this article:


      If anybody has a copy of these three tools, please send them to me:





      1Merlin G Pratt  12/30/2021 7:48:08 PM  Ralf Petter’s blog about Notes, Eclipse and Expeditor back online

      Hello Ralf,

      It is hard to find people still loyal to Notes. It looks like you are one of the few.

      I am trying to learn xpages and purchased the "Mastering xpages-step by step guide (IBM)". I have not been able to locate any of the chapter nsf files (Chp04Ed2.nsf) that go along with the book. They are no longer located on the IBM site: www.ibmpressbooks.com/title/9780133373370

      Do you know of a location I can download these files from?

      2JP Liggett  1/16/2022 3:58:12 PM  Ralf Petter’s blog about Notes, Eclipse and Expeditor back online

      Thank you for all of your efforts for the community and for the memory of him alive.